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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

8 Quick Ways to Reduce Local Phone Service Charges

Posted by Master Digital

8 Quick Ways to Reduce

Local Phone Service Charges

Despite all the new and emerging business communications technologies of the 21st century (VoIP, Wi-Fi, Wi-Max, Bluetooth, cell phones, blackberries, etc.) the majority of companies in business today still write a check each and every month to a local exchange carrier for a 125 yr. old technology - local phone service - (sometimes referred to as POTS, or "plain old telephone service").

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3 Reasons why to Accept Credit Cards by Phone

Posted by Master Digital

Accept Credit card
Phone Credit Card

Conducting business today, whether online or offline, Is much more convenient than before using a simple and Inexpensive way by accepting credit cards by phone. This Method of accepting payments is turning the heads of Business owners and making it possible for them to Conduct business right from their phone without leaving Their home, office or vehicle.

How can accepting credit cards by phone provide convenience?

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How To Use The Phone And Your Smiling Face To Turn Leads Int

Posted by Master Digital

Times have been a little lean for many businesses. You may need to generate cash fast.

Here are simple effective ways to multiply sales quickly with nothing more than the telephone and your smiling face.

I'm not talking about canvassing from one neighborhood to the next getting the door slammed in your face. These techniques work best to get sales from:


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Friday, February 6, 2009

Phone Cards for International Calls

Posted by Master Digital

Phone Cards
Phone cards for international calls and long distance calls ? talk for a while and yet save money

There was a time, before phone cards, when long distance and international calls ? even to friends and relatives - required a good amount of preparations. Everyone making international calls had to back-calculate:

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